On schedule

Wasteland CloseUp01

A pair of the Sisters of Mercy leaves on patrol, whilst their fellow Sisters enjoy a well-earned drink, courtesy of the newly adapted respirators. These allow them to keep hydrated without having to expose themselves to the sometimes toxic atmosphere of the wastelands.

Some of the supplies items
All is pretty much on schedule, just a slight delay to add some additional models, now it's a matter of creating the photo-sets, and preparing to launch the publicity and organise freebies etc.

Please remember to sign up by using the contact form to be sent the link for the freebies of scatter scenery.

Here are a couple of the photos...
Sisters break for a drink

You can see some of the scatter scenery we have created so far, from supplies such as gas canisters and pallets, to discarded cases, rubbish, oil drums, road blocks and tank traps, fences, plant-life, broken down shelters etc.