What a kakk year! Only in the last couple of weeks back to feeling 75% health - still some issues but such a relief so far!! So busy now updating the whole website, publishing the catalogues etc. Setting up to be ready for 2022.

On hold due to health issue

I have had to put everything on hold due to an urgent operation and slow uncomfortable recovery. Some additional development work has been possible though so the product range and offering will have improved vastly when I take this 'handbrake' off...

Patreon & Gumroad ready to go.

Successfully crafted both Patreon and Gumroad pages, with a range of subscription options from begins the real work - promotion.



Gumroad Logo

On schedule

Wasteland CloseUp01

A pair of the Sisters of Mercy leaves on patrol, whilst their fellow Sisters enjoy a well-earned drink, courtesy of the newly adapted respirators. These allow them to keep hydrated without having to expose themselves to the sometimes toxic atmosphere of the wastelands.

Some of the supplies items
All is pretty much on schedule, just a slight delay to add some additional models, now it's a matter of creating the photo-sets, and preparing to launch the publicity and organise freebies etc.

Please remember to sign up by using the contact form to be sent the link for the freebies of scatter scenery.

Here are a couple of the photos...
Sisters break for a drink

You can see some of the scatter scenery we have created so far, from supplies such as gas canisters and pallets, to discarded cases, rubbish, oil drums, road blocks and tank traps, fences, plant-life, broken down shelters etc.

Launch approaches

Launching 3d Miniatures:

3D Miniatures seeks to bring innovation in design to create a catalogue of assets for war-games and RPG fans to enhance their gaming experience.
Whilst the vast majority of the market aims at servicing traditional & fantasy environments, our initial focus is on rather more modern and post apocalyptic scenery. We will initially be offering a number of models for 'scatter' scenery to help create that 'wasteland' look, similar to games like Fallout and in that genre.

Assets will initially be made available in software file types - .stl, obj, .blend, though we are also considering production of actual physical versions as an option for gamers without 3d printers. These would have to be in bundles to make shipping and production costs viable.

Due to CoVid lock-down we have been prototyping at 18mm scale to eke out our limited supply of resin, to verify our models print out successfully and in sufficient detail. Our final model releases will be geared for 28mm/1 inch for optimum results, though obviously can be scaled up or down as required.

Initial Post

Initial Post:

9th May 2020: Started building new website for initial launch of 3d-Miniatures, re-launching ADM and SounDesign, with a link back to 4mSoft. Then had to repeat the exercise due to an upgrade in SiteBuilder.