A descendant of the artist family of Tischbein from southern Germany, I was told once by my mother that I strongly resembled a member of the family Tischbein, whose portrait hung on my grandmother's wall.

I have since been interested to find a growing amount of content appearing over the last few years. Here then is a brief summary of the principal members of the Tischbein (Künstlerfamilie)...


The Queen of Sheba Kneeling before King Solomon
Oil on canvas, 97 x 130 cm - Private collection

The Tischbein family was a German family of artists, originating in Hesse and spanning three generations, between the early 18th century and the late 19th.

This family from Hesse produced 28 artists and artisans, a third of them women, who were active throughout Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

The family patriarch, Johann Heinrich Tischbein (1682–1764), was a master baker at the State Hospital in Haina.

The Tischbeins also produced a number of master carpenters. (The name translates as "Table Leg").

  • The family's three most famous members are known, respectively, as

  •        'der Kasseler' -Johann Heinrich Tischbein II, the author of a treatise on engraving (Kassel, 1790) ,

           'der Leipziger'- Johann Friedrich August Tischbein, who also established himself as a portrait painter, in Leipzig, and

  •        'der Neapolitaner' or 'Goethe Tischbein' -Wilhelm Tischbein, who worked in Naples and painted Goethe's portrait..

Their portrait work contributed to the transition in German art from the Late Baroque and Rococo to Neo-classicism and early naturalism.


Goethe in the Roman Campagna (1786)
Oil on canvas, 164 x 206 cm - Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt

Notable members include:

Johann Valentin Tischbein

painter and set designer


Johann Anton Tischbein



Johann Heinrich Tischbein

painter (the Kasseler Tischbein)


Johann Jacob Tischbein

painter (the Lübecker Tischbein)


Anton Wilhelm Tischbein

painter (the Hanauer Tischbein)


Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Younger

painter and engraver


Ludwig Philipp Tischbein

architect and set designer


Johann Friedrich August Tischbein

painter (the Leipziger Tischbein)


Christian Wilhelm Tischbein

painter, architect and gallery director


Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein

painter (the Goethe Tischbein)


Georg Heinrich Tischbein

etcher, engraver and cartographer


August Albrecht Christian Tischbein

painter and lithographer


Carl Wilhelm Tischbein



August Anton Tischbein


(1805 – after 1867),

Paul Tischbein



This is a work in progress, as I continue to discover more information and works of the family Tischbein, I will be adding it here...

Most material gathered from the German Wikipedia as well as the Web gallery of Art...

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