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What is it about?

It has been said that a well laid out environment can add much more enjoyment to war games and rpg's. This is the motivation for our first products - scatter scenery and other items.

That said, we will also be adding buildings, figures, vehicles to our range as it grows over time.

The catalogue will also include 'mini-scenes', composed of multiple smaller items too small to be conveniently handled alone, and variants such as open/ajar/closed, pristine/damaged/broken/destroyed etc.

A simple comparison:

Saying that a well laid out environment can add much more enjoyment to war games and rpg's is one thing, Here we provide a comparative example, displaying the with and without of the same scene. We're pretty sure the appeal of the scenery is self-explanatory...and for game-play it can serve to funnel enemies into fire-traps, kill-zones etc. while providing cover.

When will our first products become available?

Some items are already complete, and have been 3d print prototyped to reduce weaknesses to support more successful printing. The first bundle will be available within weeks (aiming for mid-August), the second a month later, as the models are already largely designed just need updating for 3d printing and then test prints made.

What will we deliver?

Assets will be supplied as .stl, .obj, for direct import into 3d printing software. We will also provide .blend files, to enable further simple customisation. Larger and more complex items may be split into simple to assemble kits to provide easier and more cost effective printing. This will be especially relevant for buildings and vehicles.

What do we mean by 'mini-scene'?

Many items may prove inconvenient to handle, being too small, unstable, so we will craft mini-scenes: Examples could be a table, empty, set for mealtime, halfway through meal, abandoned, set for study with books, candles, papers etc., or shelves filled with books, boxes, in a store room environment.

Why us?

We have spent many years engaged in multi-media, and more recently in production of 3d assets for games. We combine the hobbyist fanaticism for miniatures and creativity, with a logical structured approach to design, attention to detail, and a defined prototyping process to verify print viability of our models.

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What next?

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